Manfrotto 055cx3 carbon fibre 3-section tripod

02 Jan


Manfrotto 055CX3 a 3-section Carbon fibre tripod combines professional performances with essential design. The true hundred percent carbon fiber tubes provide the best rigidity and an extreme light weight. The aluminium center column includes a low angle adapter which can be used as a short column for ground level.

attaches by. -3/8″ screw attachment type 3/8″ screw attachment type

Has a Rapid centre column

Closed length is 61.5 cm (24.21 in)

Column tube diameter is 28mm

With Round leg cross section

Three leg sections

With load capacity of 8 kg (17.64 lbs) makes 055cx3 a very strong and stable tripod

Max height of this tripod is 177.0 cm (69.68 in)

Maximum height (with centre column down) of manfrotto tripod is 136.0 cm (53.54 in)

Minimum height 6.5 cm (2.56 inches)

Weight is 1.78 kg


ball friction – Separate control for pre-setting the friction of the ball when unblocked.

3 axes
Three separate axes of movement – panoramic rotation, front-back tilt and side tilt

Bubble integrated on the magnesium top plate
A bubble level is integrated on the magnesium top plate. Top plate designed to maximize lightness and resistance.


Manfrotto 055cx3 tripod is light weight stable tripod and it comes without the head.

There are many ball /pan-tilt Head  options are available. Tripod bag, Compatible Heads and Manfrotto 055cx3 is  in stock and for limited time at lowest  .


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