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Canon 1200D

Photography seems to be gaining popularity and this is a thing of joy especially as this form of art brings out some creativity. The huge acceptance has been met with corresponding influx of different camera types and photography kits into the market and different brands are leveraging on this opportunity to develop different products to suit all levels of photographers from beginners to the experienced persons.

A brand that has continued to make name for itself is Canon and the Canon 1200D is no exception to the class. The features of the camera have been perfectly designed to cater to all classes of camera users and the novice can actually feel like a professional after using this piece. Sharp images and visual clarity are just some of the many features that distinguish this product from its peers and its features far surpass the .

It is followed by the launch of the EOS companion app that helps the 1200D users as they make their way through the photography world. The 18MP sensor is just a tip of the iceberg from the other features of the camera which are discussed below.

ISO Range

The camera allows for high resolution photos that make it possible for you to get the best of photography regardless of the time of the day. The camera kit is equipped with a wide range of ISO of 100 to 6400, that be expanded to up to 12,800. This is definitely one of the commonest points found on any canon 1200d review.

Excellent Images

The lens, built-in flash, single-lens reflex, all come together to provide users with the best of pictures. It has a dust delete feature that ensures your photo comes out dust-free and clear. Not too many cameras can boast of a CMOS image sensor of 22.3 x 14.9 mm.

Scene Intelligent Auto Mode

Photography just got taken to another level with the Scene Intelligent Auto Mode that allows for the perfect photography experience as the DSLR immediately goes on auto-pilot as this mode is selected. The scene is recognized and based on such factors as the contrast, color, and brightness, thanks to the EOS 1200D kits. A browse through the internet will reveal canon EOS 1200d reviews that will definitely tempt any lover of photography.


If there is one feature that would entice many beginners to this camera, it is the creative feature that comes with Fish-eye effect, Soft focus, Grainy Black and White, Miniature, and the Toy camera effects.

With the Canon 1200D, one wonders what can come next.

Canon 1200d price in India

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canon 1200d price in Delhi

Canon 1200d price in Delhi

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